farmers market | odense

April 15, 2014

We went on a roadtrip! We rented a cheap little (actually, it was quite spacious) car and hit the road. The first stop was the tiny town of Odense, a pit stop before Aarhus - Denmark's second largest city.

Odense is the hometown of Hans Christian Anderson. With the aging demographic, small town feel, and the taken-aback attitude of the casher at the Lagkagehuset (ugh, so good) when we ordered in English, we realized that Copenhagen is definitely an exception to the rule in Denmark. The seriously massive line-up of Danes waiting to purchase fresh eggs and the local honey I brought home with me were definite highlights.

bang & jensen

April 05, 2014

Last time I was in Copenhagen, I reflected on my love for the city while sitting in this place. Being just across the street from our airbnb, our days would always start with a coffee and end with a beer at Bang and Jensen. We loved it.
Now, it feels sentimental to go back here to unwind and banter with my friends. It makes me giggle when I remember how I stared with envy at a group of girlfriends having Sunday brunch here. I so badly wanted that to be my life.

Istedgade 130, Vesterbro


April 01, 2014

Porridge at GRØD is on another level. The cheap (by Copenhagen standards, at least) bowl of creamy gourmet porridge makes the perfect breakfast date. It seems to be a favourite amongst both locals and tourists. Alternatively, they also serve "porridge of the night" (risotto) for the savoury crowd, which I plan on going back for. There are two locations that I know of - the teeny tiny super cozy restaurant on Jægersborggade, and the stand in the Torvehallerne market. Either are excellent choices.The bowl above was topped with mango, raspberry sugar (!!!) and hazelnuts. Is there a better way to welcome spring? I super appreciated how mildly sweet it was.

Louisiana modern art museum

March 29, 2014

The Louisiana Modern Art Museum lays on a beautiful coastal property located 40km outside of Copenhagen. They say you can even see Sweden across the pond.

I have been to more museums in the past two months than the past collective five years, I think. I am not a museum person per say... but Louisiana was such a fun experience! Aside from the perfectfgorgeouslight in viewing room, the American collection and the Arabic exhibit were my absolute favourites (probably because they were photography heavy) and I was taken by Hilma af Klint's watercolours. You can easily spend 4-6 hours there with a nice lunch break in-between - it was an excellent Saturday activity spent with two great ladies.

nordisk brødhus

March 27, 2014

The thing about Copenhagen is that every place you discover feels like a hidden gem - except everybody is in on the secret.
(Cat dying after the pastry we had...)
Nordisk Brødhus is not particularly pretty. Most of the mismatched chairs are either falling apart or already broken, there are wooden crates everywhere, and I do believe that no particular shit was given when "designing" the place. There isn't even a sign on the outside to showcase the name. Although there is a beautiful harvest table that takes up most of the space, it's kind of a mess in there. We walked by on our way to a street in Nørrebro that we wanted to explore. The humble loafs of bread in the display looked just delicious enough to satisfy the daily-pasty fix (fully responsible for my new friend the double chin). I think that Cat - who has actually cried over a meal before - may have even enjoyed it more than me. It was the best pasty I've  had so far in Denmark. Yes, better than a chocolate kanelsnegle. We went back immediately for pizza night (after I google searched the dropped pin I made).This is the type of place that serves one meal a night for dinner - you're in or you're out. A bold business move, if you ask me, to ask your customers to put that much trust into your restaurant. The ingredients are locally sourced, and stone ground organic flour is used for the bakery goods. Every Friday is pizza night where one type of pizza is served for 80 kr, and it changes every week. The night we went it was a white pizza with butternut squash puree, thinly sliced potatoes and beets, smoked cheese + parmesan, truffle oil, and greens on a beautiful fresh crust that was crispy in only the right places. It sounds fussy and fancy, but its execution was rather simple and rustic - a gorgeous finished product served on a wood block. I love this authentic bakery - no mess, no fuss, no frills, back-to-basics. The wood-fired brick oven and its chefs are the real magic behind this place. Plus, the staff is real nice. We were one of the last groups to leave for the night, and they sent us home with so many free pastries. When I worked at Starbucks, we were forced to throw out perfectly good pasties at the end of the night because, you know, rules and regulations.Rantzausgade 58, Nørrebro.